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Germany is not US bitch anymore after fall or USSR and reunification. They are now scared of Putin and the GAZPROM gas supply/oil. Meanwhile the Russians are sending Greenpeace to shut German Nuclear plants down. Of course if Russia becomes more aggressive Germany will be USA’s best friend again.

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  • Bathing Shinobu Figure Superbly Sweet:
    This has been out for quite a while now. Sometimes not up to date on their anime girls bathing news.

  • Hideo Kojima’s Top 10 Movies of 2015:
    Or are you perhaps some hispanic/spanish/greek rat? The most useless bunch of shits that ever inhabited the planet. If so you’d do the world a huge favour by killing yourselves.

  • Hideo Kojima’s Top 10 Movies of 2015:
    I am Swedish you homo. Are you a muslim or possibly worse? A slav? If so you’re just as disgusting to me.

  • Final Fantasy XIV Patch PV Absolutely Massive:
    Everyone who had the PC version got the PS4 version free, they sentbemails out to everyone, if someone missed the time period, it’s thier own fault.

  • Final Fantasy XIV Patch PV Absolutely Massive:
    Quit a long ago, when they took away all the good event rewards and put them in the microtransaction store, and the implentation of flying mounts. Dumbest idea ever, you can only fly in certain zones, and in order to fly in those zones, you have to basically finish everything in that zone before hand, so by the time you can fly, you’ll never be going back to that zone.


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