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That is the cutest ferocious warrior I’ve ever seen.

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  • Elegant Levi Figure:
    I wish I was half as cool while drinking coffee.

  • Chuunibyou Ren Surprisingly Sensual:
    Man, I hope they at least give that character a name at some point. Because without a name, that character is basically an anon online stalker.

  • Sonico Snaps Pussy:
    Came here expecting a cat. Was not disappointed.

  • TLR Darkness Battle Ecstasy Touchy Teaser Trailer:
    So is Rito training or fighting against the harem members? Rito being armed with a giant popsicle is rather unfortunate, considering how frequently Mikan is seen eating popsicles…

  • Nokome Gender Swap Anime:
    In terms of plot, there are worse shows out there. Like pretty much every single slice of life ever. What the hell is the plot of Lucky Star? Personally, I am just hoping that this show doesn’t devolve into a setting where they abuse the crap out of the Absolute Choice to give out endless fanservice. As for Dog x Scissors, the setting itself (presumably the protagonist dies if that book is ever finished) means that any progress in that direction is unlikely. Granted, some of the shonen battle …


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