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they flag this stuff then cry that their young boys are turning gay

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  • School Buses, China Style:
    Do these explode too? -_-

  • Goddess of 2ch: “The Half is Back!”:
    I see what you did there.. -.-

  • “9 Reasons to Date an Otaku Girl”:
    Think 2ch forgot the most important one here. 13.Under all that clothing and glasses she’s actually hot with no make up or shit like most women.

  • American vs Japanese Animals:
    ok although I’ll get the dreaded -100 rating I’ll state my opinion.this comparative chart is irrelevant since american and japanese animals are made for different reasons the japanese attribute human qualities to animals cuz of their culture look up fox gods etc or a good example horo from spice & wolf.second of all the americans use animals as shows for children which is inappropriate to have a cartoon with a high sexual look for young mid 5-10 year old kids.instead of making humans with …

  • Japanese HD TV Sexier Than Ever:
    :3 1# check aki hoshino *.* time to get #9 lol


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