Comment on Valentine’s Day: “Overseas Otaku are as Creepy as We Are!” by Xed:

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I’m gonna say funny, looks like somethign i would do to get a few laughs outta my friends.

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  • Doc Innocent: “His Breast Groping Was Treatment”:
    That’d be like trying to replace spark plugs on a car with the hood closed. But I digress, doing it without warning is bad form.

  • Finally – Ishihara Resigns:
    And what info do you have to base this off of? The guy doesn’t drink, but keeps alcohol in his house for guests when they are over…..This leads me to believe he will have more important things on his mind than Anime. You folks seem to think him the devil, but I’d rather have him than that idiot we have now in office(though in all ernesty, Ron paul would have been my choice)

  • Goddess of 2ch: “Where Did All These G Cups Come From!?”:
    No, that whole beef hormone thing is a myth. I live on a farm, i raise cattle, the “Hormone” they refer to is a vitamin capsule that we feed them once a day to maintain the health of said cattle(I raised beef master cattle for 15 years, also had a few Holstein and a few dozen head of Brahman, we had over 600 head of cattle on 350 acres). Milk cattle are generally given a biotic injection every few months to help with milk production(though we never used it on ours, we did use a good health food …

  • China Quality Cosplay Anything But:
    Number 31…..HNNNNNG

  • Japan’s B-CAS Cracked: “Free Pay TV For All”:
    Just goes to show you, never tell a coder something is uncrackable, we just take it as a challenge…Sony made this mistake multiple times with lulzsec…Sadly, they keep on prodding the bull.


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