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  • Top 10 Anime Girls With The Hottest Figures:
    This list lost whatever credibility it might have had the moment there were no pictures to prove it. Also,… Fujiko… O Rly?

  • Japanese Government “Will Stamp Out Anime Streaming”:
    Clearly you ain’t a quality whore. 1080p doesn’t mean shit if the encode sucks. And since you need really small file sizes for streaming to work and the online players can’t really handle decent encodes you’re stuck with shitty quality.

  • Japanese Government “Will Stamp Out Anime Streaming”:
    No. The first watch has to be on BD. Any rewatches will also be on BD. There are some anime I’m interested in that didn’t get a BD release, like that Higurashi OVA. Those will be skipped. I’m not putting up with lousy quality anymore.

  • Japanese Government “Will Stamp Out Anime Streaming”:
    You do realize that Chobits was already ancient back in 2008, do you?

  • Japanese Government “Will Stamp Out Anime Streaming”:
    No, the quality of streaming will just give my eyes cancer. But I agree with the quote. Emphasizing “a service that’s better than what they’re receiving”. Streaming just sucks ass. But I guess it is pretty hard to beat -basically instantenously -free -uncensored (sometimes better than official products, see uncensored uncensored Ep 07 from Strike Bitches) -best quality available (better than official products, since discs are a pain in the ass and I’m not as good at ripping that stuff) -best …


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