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I don’t thnink a guy who loves manga and anime so much would be interested in a girl who hates all these. So why care about their opinion? I’m not like any of those points, don’t have anime merchandise either, but I watch anime every day. Its my hobby. A girlfriend should accept her boyfriend’s hobby and vice versa, or they just shouldn’t be together. Shit happens when 2 people ends up toghether just because they like how the other looks like. They must have something common too.

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  • Ano Natsu de Matteru Ichika Takatsuki Bikini Figure:
    But they are not always like that.

  • Project Diva f Sexy Bikini Boob Jiggling: “Poor Miku…”:
    Being pedo =/= loving DFC. By that logic you would be a pedo if you loved your girlfriend’s small boobs even if she was 30 years old…

  • Sankarea Finale Annoys Fans: “That Was An Ending!?”:
    Still has an OVA left ~4 months from now. I wasn’t really an ending, but didn’t feel bad about it actually. Better than a bad ending. It gives space to contine. Wonder what just happened in the last scene. Did I hear a heartbeat? Maybe blood is the next reagent to ‘cure’ her. I will wait till s2 or read manga if that won’t come.

  • Narutards Despair: Naruto “Will End Soon”:
    I wonder if they will do something with Hinata. It would feel bad if they just concluded the main story and left her in the same position. Even if they don’t make a pairing, at least a “sorry but I don’t like you in the same way” would be appropriate from Naruto. (but ofc I would like to see them together, if possible) Might be strange but this part is nearly as important for me as the main story.

  • Animators Sue: “I Was Paid $3 An Hour!”:
    Good for them. In my country the avarage payment for workers in a factory is 1,7$ – 2,5$ / hour. Our taxes and bills are horrible. They are about the same as the other European countries have, but in those the same job pays about 3-4 times more…. I konw I’m not talking about animators. But don’t these ppl have to pay they same to be able to live? Ofc I say it should be higher, just wanted to point that its not the worse. Many lives under that salary and it is what they have to accept as …


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