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All those things are things girls DONT like in a guy, they like confidence and natural personality

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  • Onigiri Absolutely Mouth-Watering:
    So the 3 guys in the reaction pic are pedos? They like an underage girl but not a fully developed one? With Japanese writing on the pic it sort of confirms all stereotypes about Japanese otaku.

  • New Overwatch Pose Trolls SJWs: “Well Played Blizzard!”:
    SJW are disciples of a religion of mindless dogma about how the best to solve the social problems of the world. Because it is mindless dogma what they believe works does not work and does not achieve the results they expect.

  • Seiyuu Matsuki Miyu Passes Away:
    People won’t die of pneumonia at that age unless they have something wrong with their immune system. There is more to this story.

  • Prison School Ends: “What Suspense!”:
    I really hope this gets a second season but I know that Japanese don’t like anything that isn’t moe/harem/mecha so I am not so sure.

  • Charlotte Overflowing With Moe:
    The old sleeping giraffe trick then knock them out the window from the 3rd story to avoid bringing them with you technique. Very handy.


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