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hmmm… I do like some of these seiyuu. But the one I’m most fond of is Kugimiya Rie, and she didn’t make the list.

Such sadness

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  • Rin Hoshizora’s Birthday Revered by Fans:
    Yeah, but if this would have been posted on the actual day, there wouldn’t have been any of the crazy otaku birthday shrine pictures to show off!

  • Top 50 Most Overrated Anime:
    So to sum it up, pretty much anything that’s been at all popular in recent years is apparently overrated. Makes me really wonder what they consider ‘good’. I haven’t seen all the titles on this list, but given that alot of what they consider ‘overrated’ I actually like, maybe I’ll just use this list as a recommendation of what I might like to watch!

  • 9/11 Collapse = “Man Doing Woman From Behind”:
    Yes yes. And when bigfoot comes down in his flying saucers with his pet chupacabras, the world as we know it will finally end. Conspiracy theory much?

  • Atheists “Less Trusted Than Rapists”:
    “atheist = smartass bandwagon jumper, who’s quick to insult others and vocally proclaim his so-called mental superiority. also known as a douchebag.” So… you must be an athiest I’m guessing?

  • Atheists “Less Trusted Than Rapists”:
    That’s bad comedy Anon. No Japan means no anime, therefore we wouldn’t have any reason to be ripping on each other in this forum right now. Be careful with what you say!


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