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Last 3-> “Zomg man hands!!!”

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  • Top 20 Anime Songs That Get You Pumped:
    Don’t be so self-righteous. You don’t “grow out” of your hobby- I don’t see modelers or photographers “growing out” of theirs. Besides, what else should I watch? Seinfield? Grey’s anathomy? FRIENDS?

  • Top 20 Anime Songs That Get You Pumped:
    I was gonna “edit” to correct myself about EVA and Digimon, but yeah, you get the picture. As we all do. (And I like “Mad Machine” from Priss the best ;) )

  • Top 20 Anime Songs That Get You Pumped:
    None of the “rally good” themes are mentioned… And not a single one is more than 5 years old here. Some of the best anime themes are from the “good old” 80s- and somehow they managed to skip out on Priss and the Replicants and Kajiura Yuki, who have actually some of the best selling anime theme albums out there!

  • OL Goddess of 2ch: “Formally Feisty!”:
    DO WANT!

  • Krul Tepes Cosplay by Tomia The Epitome of Elegant:
    The photography is really good here, I like the model, the costume and the scenography… But man why did he have to cut her legs at the thighs. You just don’t do that man.


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