Comment on Police Hunt Ushijima for “Public Indecency” by Crazy_O:

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“.. She hopes for a world in which girls can walk the streets freely in even more saucy attire without being harangued by moralistic busybodies.”

We all hope that, we all do.

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  • Race Queen Kashima Cosplay Exceeds Sexiness Limit:
    Love skirts that are so short girls have to sit on their pantsu.

  • Western University Course: “Learn About Magical Girls!”:
    > feminism Already not really getting it. MS genre got nothing to do with feminism – feminism is about equal outcome – MS are the female superheroes for young girls, it underpins the notion that most men and most women are different. Yes, everybody should be equal before the law, independent of that difference. But Feminism denies that difference and actively tries to enforce a culture to push most women into roles they are worse off (being a corporate drone earning money for someone else is …

  • Oxford University Textbook: “Miku = Cultural Appropriation”:
    First, Cultural Appropriation is BS. Second point. It’s a product of a company. A company that is selling stuff on a free market – they do not care who buys there product. Third point. Voice synthesizers for music have a huge history. Japan adds just added a face to one. If it’s someone’s culture it’s that of the countries who helped develop them, not the one who introduced a successful marketing campaign.

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    One of the best things we got from that anime is Hestia Cosplay.

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    Evolution of manga right before our eyes.


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