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Sorry man, but if there’s any legit title being on this list, it’s Kill Me Baby.

Pity too, for Mutsumi Tamura(Sonia). She’s a relatively new voice actress who are usually typecasted only for small roles as young boys. This title carried enough weight that would’ve launched her into at least A class lineup.

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  • Final Fantasy XV “Might As Well Be An FPS”:
    You’re grasping at straws there if you think this “might as well be an FPS”, it’s not even in first person!!! only a brief moment when Noctis hijacks the turret. And that’s just adding to the variety so you’re not constantly hacking and slashing. The stealth adds to that variety too. And what do you expect in that kind of situation? You think the characters should go into an army base swords swinging?? yeah that’s smart. Come on man, the game looks promising. Get off the bandwagon and stop …

  • Serene Horo Cosplay Pure Gold:
    I need the cosplayer name. Please, she’s a real goddess :'(

  • Koukaku no Pandora “Where Are The Nipples!?”:
    If I had read the plot and concept of this show before watching it, I would’ve thought it was the dumbest/craziest thing ever. But somehow it’s actually pretty watchable and surprisingly cute. Clarion, a full-body cyborg who for some reason has cat ears and doesn’t like having them touched. She carries a Pandora’s “Box” under her panties. Nene, also a full-body cyborg prodigy who can be anything she wants by fingering Clarion’s Box. Then there’s BUER, a sophisticated, perverted AI that’s …

  • Koukaku no Pandora “Where Are The Nipples!?”:
    Eh? Based on what? If the real world is anything to go by, it’s completely the opposite. Joints can be hidden easily enough, but making facial animations that break out of the uncanny valley is more or less beyond the reach of current robotics. Even the best Japanese bots still act like robots.

  • VirtuaDolls VR Eroge Controller Thrusted onto Indiegogo:
    “its acceptable already…” ? I don’t know where you live but not being visible to the public doesn’t make slavery acceptable.


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