Comment on Overflow Delays “Final” Game: “We Are Not Going Bankrupt!” by Leon:

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But I like 0verflow… :-(

Shiny Days is their final game? What’s gonna happen to TearMail?!

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  • Ushijima Iiniku’s Porno Debut – “You Guessed It!”:
    Didn’t she already do AV? Or was it just a lookalike?

  • Road Safety, China Style:
    I’ve been to China several times. The situation is so bad that you’ll be hard-pressed to find a taxi that actually has seatbelts. So even if you want to wear a seatbelt, you can’t! Heck, I’ve even heard that drivers of taxis that /do/ have seatbelts refuse to let passengers wear them. So yes, in China, you’re honestly not expected to wear them.

  • Mayo Chiki!’s Erotic Transformation Quite a Sight:
    Are those really sheep? They remind me a lot of the Chinese cartoon ‘Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf’.

  • “Why Do Japanese Use Umbrellas All The Time?”:
    Acid is corrosive. If it falls on your hair, it will corrode, leading to hair loss. The wonders of science… BTW, I live in England and I use umbrellas.

  • “The Best Anime According to Foreigners”:
    I had to double check a couple of times to be sure, but… where the heck is Higurashi?! I suppose Higurashi is so awesome that it doesn’t even need to be included in these rankings. :-)


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