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For me at least, this is also the ultimate end. I may have a few simple standards for which I believe an Anime should have, but they are standards so the show will ultimately be entertaining.

Not everything needs to be subversive, not everything needs to be a genre buster, not everything needs to have so many twists that it would give Shyamalan moist trousers. The ultimate end should be to entertain in my opinion. Whatever you do along the way is fine, but if you are making Entertainment, you should be aiming to entertain.

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  • Top 10 Essential Anime Elements:
    You know what, I can respect this. If this is what you are looking for in your Anime, then more power to you. I apreciate this honesty. Really, if you stick to what you love, you can’t go wrong.

  • Top 10 Essential Anime Elements:
    I always have believed, still do, and probably will continue to believe that Characters are more important than Story. If you don’t like the characters, you don’t care about them. If you don’t care about them you don’t care what happens to them. Since what happens to them is the events of the story (i.e the Plot), you therefore don’t care about the plot because you do not care about the characters. It may be otherwise for some people but for me this is true in almost every situation, almost …

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    @VZ Hey VZ. Atarashi Ako is on the top of this list because of a joke regarding how she plays Mahjong. She uses a lot of quick to build, small scoring hands and wins just by the sheer number of hands she plays. These quick, low-scoring hands are thought of as cheap, and therefore it’s a joke amongst 2ch that she herself is “cheap.” A silly reason for a silly list I suppose.

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    Well fansubbers claim that this show is a nightmare to sub, which I can see as it is very based in wordplay jokes and cultural satire. But hey, at least in ep.9 I was able to tell that they got in a joke at the Sea Shepherd’s expense, so I am a happy man.

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    My heart is in a puddle on the floor due to pic #041…

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    I don’t give a damn what they have to say about AKB0048. Anime is first and foremost, entertainment. You are free to acomplish other things along the way, ask the big questions, explore the human condition and all those deep things we all ponder at some point along with making something entertaining. However if you make an Anime, or any form of fiction, that just does those things whilst forgetting to entertain, you have inexorably lost your way and have forgotten the basic foundation of …

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    Ugh….. Why JC Staff? It’s not like they are totally unable to produce great shows, and it’s not as if they are a horrible studio, but they are wildly inconsistent. You never know if you’re gonna get the next Railgun or the next Hidan no Aria with them. The quality of their work varies wildly, and it fluctuates a little too often for me to put any large deal of trust in them. However, even at their best, JC Staff are still nowhere near as good as KyoAni when it comes to Animation. Really only …


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