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i especially approve of #8 because i’m a massive yurifag

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  • Top 10 Essential Anime Elements:
    Since you’re insensible, you don’t notice the depth of Japanese anime.

  • Top 10 Essential Anime Elements:
    your opinions are your own, you don’t expect everyone to like the same thing as you do you? please, you’re not any more sane than the rest of the community who stereotypes. most of you think something sucks for the main reason being ‘just cause I don’t like this’. Newsflash, there are people that like what you dislike, so fag off you otaku wannabee.

  • Top 10 Essential Anime Elements:
    For once I actually agree with this list

  • Top 10 Essential Anime Elements:
    >1.Story So why are todays anime and manga crap? Nothing but focusing on Art and Fanservice? Also, 3rd should be setting. Seiyuus don’t matter, unless you mean the quality of a seiyuu and not the name of a seiyuu.

  • Top 10 Essential Anime Elements:
    Must be why anime is all story-less moe garbage now. It sells b/c it’s what pedos want.

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    No Draining Kiss or Sweet Kiss?

  • Shigeru Miyamoto on Breath Of The Wild:
    A senile old man who is now a threat to the quality of the work in the company he represents, Shigeru has really become the Hayao Miyazaki of videogames.

  • Anime & Manga Drawing Failure:
    Heya!I just wanted to ask if you ever have aany issuess with hackers? My last blog (wordpress) waas hacked and I ended up losing a few monyhs of hard work due to noo data backup. Do you have any solutions to stop hackers? villa

  • Netoge no Yome Reaches The End Game:
    Nice try. Look at it. It’s fucking shit, nobody should’ve gotten paid to animate that.

  • Top 10 Pokemon Moves That Are “Too Sexy”:
    What’s with this Pok├ęshit on sankaku? this zombie franchise should just die already and just by adding “sexy” on the header won’t make it relevant to the site’s main theme, none of the pictures are scandalous or even remotely sexual unless you put a lot of extra effort to see them in a way that would look even remotely perverse Now here’s a better entry that would have made more sense: Top 10 zombie franchises that should have died already 1. Pokeshit 2. Gundam 3. Anything MARVEL 4. Final …


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