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Yeah you do. It’s called Hungry Jack’s.

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  • Madoka Shafted – “They Fixed All The Dodgy Bits!”:
    Shows what these kind of changes can do. It looks nice, but if if it alters ones perception, it’s more than just plussing some dodgy animation. Kamijo’s hospital is now foreboding, as another example.

  • Madoka Shafted – “They Fixed All The Dodgy Bits!”:
    Yeah. A lot of that counts as full one revisionism. It’s a veritible Star Wars SE of background changes and CGI additions. I’m for fixing up some crude drawings, but did they have to CG every Soul Gem now, even the well drawn ones? I rather liked how Mami’s looked different from Homura’s. Reminds me why I collect TV versions.

  • 2ch on One Manga: “Good Riddance to Foreign Thieves!”:
    I agree on the merchandise angle. I’ve always wondered what sellers at cons like Fanime and AX think about fansubs. Given that so much of the figures and goods have to do with recent series, they must like them very much. I know I’d never drop 60 bucks on a figure to a show I’ve never seen. Fan translations will always play a part in building a fanbase. plain and simple. I also agree that so many of those commentators are hypocrites or people that barely understand what they’re talking about. I …

  • Top 10 Spring 2010 Anime – Angel Beats Beaten:
    Wow, I’ve watched all of one of those, not counting the lone episode I glimpsed of K-on!!.

  • One Manga Shut Down by Manga Publishers:
    Never used the site as I mostly went to group sites or elsewhere since I prefer offline reading, so I cant say I’ll miss it. Besides, like others said, internet piracy is like a Hydra, so it’s not like it won’t be replaced. On the plus side though, looking at the list did give me where to s=find some of the series Id been missing since S-C went MIA. So there’s its legacy for me. My usual aggregator never had them.


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