Comment on Lolicon Teacher Rapes Pupils 37 Times, Faces 30 Years by Anonymous:

“Honestly, teachers are all either lolicon or lolicon-in-training aren’t they?”

Kids are annoying, it’s no surprise that some percentage of people going into child-related professions are doing so for the eye candy.

That said, this once again proves that kids are more at risk from known adults and authority figures than the random dude on the street asking for directions or saying “aren’t you cold in that skirt?”.

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    few dozen? lol you really have no idea of the numbers that flock to this site do you?

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    I don’t care, as long its English name is “the testament of new sister devil”, that’s what I call this show.

  • Top 30 Coolest Anime Girls:
    what you’re complaining about is retarded, if most people didn’t like something it wouldn’t be “mainstream” to begin with… i think what you’re trying to say is “most people don’t like what i like, fuck them”

  • Top 30 Coolest Anime Girls:
    the text implies that any and every viewer following the instructions to ” go to a site and do xxx” means that everyone is afflicted by this “rule”…. saying that there is only me going is not acceptable.

  • Top 30 Coolest Anime Girls:
    I’m not going to front pic made me click! Well done!


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