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It was just mikus time of the month and best to leave them girls be!

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  • Terra Formars Live Action Film PV Still Secretive:
    Ah, another case of strange things related to wearing the same stuff for identification purposes. Don’t underestimate the incongruities involved in identifying anime characters! I mean, without those glasses, who the fuck is that chick? Some random muscle chick? We don’t know. But with glasses, AH, it’s THAT muscle chick. So yeah, even in the shower, she needs glasses so we know who she is.

  • Terra Formars Live Action Film PV Still Secretive:
    Who goes under the shower while still wearing their glasses?

  • Sakura Clicker Casual Clicking Chaos:
    I got a harem in this game! And they’re doing the work for me! Yey! (P.S. Don’t judge me. I got rejected countless times by the so-called real-life women. And I’m an introvert to boot. Try surviving in my shoes.)

  • When My City Stops Moving Time Freeze Eroge:
    Well yeah, of course they are! After all, there are people who want to give fictional kids more legal rights than actual people! These fake kids should be able to live free of the predations of that fictional assailant, and you should be censored for thinking about playing it! “Justice” for the lulz.

  • When My City Stops Moving Time Freeze Eroge:
    Actually there is a fallacy built into your primary argument. Rape is only detrimental to 50% of the actors involved, while murder and/or killing detrimentally affects 100% of the actors involved. Yes, even the killers are negatively affected by their actions. Furthermore, even the earliest recorded laws recognized murder as a crime while rape was not. Therefore, since you’re talking about a ‘forgivable offense’, rape clearly was not considered unforgivable.


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