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Except… Miku is not from either an Anime or a Manga.

Just saying.

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  • Snow Miku Crushes Old Woman:
    Such a beautifull dog @ pic 005

  • Snow Miku Crushes Old Woman:
    LOL XD

  • Snow Miku Crushes Old Woman:
    According to FOX, Snow Miku is a communist liberal elitist creating force set to destroy America… starting with this one woman.

  • Snow Miku Crushes Old Woman:
    It’s Alive!!!!!!

  • Snow Miku Crushes Old Woman:
    I think if she was “attacking anime and manga”, she probably wouldn’t be standing next to a statue of Hatsune Miku. (unless she was physically attacking it of course, though that seems unlikely.) On another note, did they get enough Police there? I think they could have squeezed in a few more around that small pile of snow. It might jump in the air and attack someone. Perhaps they just thought the scene too horrific, what with Miku dismembered and all, and were trying to shield the eyes of the …

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