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We all know girls like her, they start out frumpy but nice, then some guy promises her a great career, she has a few surgeries and sleeps around to fill in the void where her integrity was, she lets the fame get to her head and shits on all of her fans, all because she has low self-esteem and dependency issues with men. When she realizes what a mess her life has been and tries to redeem herself, it will be too late.

In short, she’s a bitch.

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    Anime, like any cartoon, portrays idealized or caricatures of people. This extends to the Japanese context. You have characters like sailor moon who clearly do not look “Japanese” yet she is considered one. There is no doubt that western ideals of beauty have permeated Japanese pop culture, since, after all, Japan is the most westernized country in Asia. But sailor moon doesn’t necessarily reflect a projection of the desire to look ‘white’ onto the impressionable young minds of Japanese girls. …

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    What an absurd conclusion. Then what is to account for the rise in 2D interest? Bad economy + young people increasingly dependent on their parents (due to other reasons) = demotivation and hopelessness. It is easy to see why the real world can be dull and unforgiving, and animation so idealized and enticing.


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