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same here. I was expecting (stop reading this if you still haven’t seen Air TV, or played the original game, and miraculously managed to avoid spoilers up to this point… in which case, you go fucking watch the series, now!)….

Yukito sacrificing himself, possessing his doll, and somehow going back in time to reincarnate as a crow would’ve done something for Misuzu herself… but it was really only good for her cycle of reincarnation (and even that was merely implied). The girl was still doomed to go out in what is still easily one of the most heart-wrenching scenes Key ever made (which is saying a lot for them).

Gooooal. T_T

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    Image 48: Hot damn, yes! Lala takes it anally, in canon. ^^ Really wish Sankaku used a Tearju image, though. She is in this book, right?

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    You know, I tend to find myself wishing that Gash Bell would return with a 2-4 cour series that would cover the final arc, as well as the true second half to the Faudo arc (the part Faudo where awakens, maybe preceded by a recap of the first series, would be the perfect place to start). It worked for Inuyasha.

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    I know SAO tends to get a lot of hate (I’m not too big on it either), but the action scenes are actually one of the only things a majority of people would praise it for, haters included. That said, this is one list where it deserves to place pretty well.

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    The anime adaptation did all that it can with the source material available. Now we need to wait for Togashi to get off his lazy ass and continue the manga. Hopefully, the anime will be able to resume from a long hiatus just as well as the manga did (especially at the rate the manga’s going; it’d have to be a looooooooong hiatus).

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    And with moe culture, characters are pretty much defined by their seiyuu (despite the fact that they tend to use a completely different one in the radio dramas and games if any are out before the anime, to say nothing of the fact that the source material usually doesn’t have any audio to begin with). Simply replacing deceased actors is a real damned if you do, damned if you don’t scenario.


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