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hey, at least when MadoMagi hits a reset button (or five), it has the decency to remain bitter-sweet at best.

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  • Top 25 Most Depressing Anime Ever:
    same here. I was expecting (stop reading this if you still haven’t seen Air TV, or played the original game, and miraculously managed to avoid spoilers up to this point… in which case, you go fucking watch the series, now!)…. Yukito sacrificing himself, possessing his doll, and somehow going back in time to reincarnate as a crow would’ve done something for Misuzu herself… but it was really only good for her cycle of reincarnation (and even that was merely implied). The girl was still …

  • Top 25 Most Depressing Anime Ever:
    they got it down for the most part… but if only they knew how to kick.

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  • Top 15 Spring 2014 Anime Premiers:
    What do you mean? Jojo is in 2nd…. or is being 2nd the problem?

  • Sega Hard Girls Nets Anime:
    Yeah, I didn’t even hear about the TeraDrive before looking at those pics. Thank god for Wiki, though… it’s described as being a flop and extremely rare on the current market. Combine that with the fact that, being a glorified MegaDrive attached to a PC, it literally has no worthwhile exclusive content, and it’s no wonder the thing managed to escape my knowledge.

  • Hitsugi no Chaika Cute Coffin Girl Anime:
    Yeah, and aren’t they jumping ahead quite a bit? It’s been a while since I read the manga, but I seem to recall the theft of the hand coming AFTER the traumatic flashback with a very fucked up way of offing a milf.

  • Nogizaka46 Madoka BD CM “A Disgrace”:
    ick… “low level of their costumery” doesn’t even begin to describe how bad they look. Cosplay that ain’t… it’s more like some fucked up redesign that a Hollywood adaptation would make under the horrible assumption that the original iconic designs were too nerdy for mainstream audiences.

  • Hatsune Miku Diva Project F 2nd Heading Westward:
    Swedish intervention? Odd, I feel that comment’s supposed to be relevant, but I forget why. Something about Sweden attempting to impose strict international censorship or something of the sort. Am I just imagining things, or would someone like to fill me in on this?


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