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I love how seriously the French take everything. They’re so easily upset!

And your post also makes me realise that the French are about as good at telling jokes as the Germans.

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  • Apprendre le Japonais avec Saber:
    The British destroyed the Zulu forces. Did they get their asses raped because they lost a couple of battles that made no difference to the outcome of the war? The French lost battles in the scramble for Africa too, against far more undisciplined opponents than the Zulus. And they’ve been decisively beaten by shitty countries. Algeria? Haiti? The French got their asses raped by Wyclef Jean’s great-grandfather!

  • Apprendre le Japonais avec Saber:
    @dummy It may have worked out well from in terms of long-term strategy, but you can hardly call it a “move”; the French had no choice but to surrender due to their army being destroyed and the Germans having complete control over airspace.

  • Apprendre le Japonais avec Saber:
    @anon 23:21 es-tu furieux?

  • Apprendre le Japonais avec Saber:
    Only if she’s teaching the French how to say “I surrender” in Old English. The history Nazi in me is forcing me to point out that she was a Celt and would have spoken a language similar to Old Welsh.

  • Apprendre le Japonais avec Saber:
    *Historically*, they have fought well. But they’ve been losing pathetically ever since Napoleon bit off more than he could chew; they’ve been wimps for the last 200 years.

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