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Bleach 2??

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  • Bleach May End: “Final Chapter Starts”:
    At least we still have One Piece Such a great story line…indeed. :) Thank you Oda-Sensei ^_^

  • Bleach May End: “Final Chapter Starts”:
    Agreed..Bleach is sooo fucking shit now..All those fucking fights and none of the more important characters died…GET A FUCKING CLUE!! KUBO!!

  • Bleach May End: “Final Chapter Starts”:
    I use to like Bleach but now it’s turned to shit..SO WHO THE FUCK CARES.. One Piece is the only good title out of the BIG THREE with a story line that gets better and better..Bleach died after that gay ass fucking fight with Aizen…a fucking BUTTERFLY…ARE YOU KIDDING!! you spend almost five years on that fucking arc and that’s all you CAME UP WITH!!! FUCK YOU KUBO..YOU ARE FINISHED AS A CREATIVE ARTIST!!

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