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Traffic. Go play in it.

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  • Top 25 Best Anime Movies:
    “a person who rather likes to watch GITS definitely looks more moronic and unable to understand what a fucking story is.” FIFY.

  • Top 25 Best Anime Movies:
    Man, fistfuck Evangelion. It’s old, boring news anyway. It wasn’t a good movie or series to begin with and yet people still think it is? Morons.

  • Human Barbie Dolls – “So This Is The Uncanny Valley!”:
    And society, with its ridiculous standards of “beauty” and “just right”, is to blame. Especially when women are all but forced to conform to the abstract idea of “sexy”, instead of “being a person”.

  • K-ON! Ends (Again):
    I’ve seen “native” English speakers with atrocious spelling and grammar. So STFU, nooblet.

  • Top 25 Busty Anime Maidens:
    For fuck’s sake – Asuka and Rei do NOT belong on this list.


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