Comment on Fate/Zero: “The P***s Monsters Are Back!” by Kamigoroshi:

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Abarenbow Tengu would approve.

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  • Gaworare Moe Maid Bathing Anime:
    It’s a trap! And a cute one at that. :3

  • Date A Live II More Moe Than Ever:
    Needs more yandere action. And a nice boat.

  • “Strongly Sexual” Monpiece Cards Banned:
    Ah well, I’m not interested in social card games either way. But I can say that this decision of Idea Factory just strengthens my dislike of such games as a whole. As for monster girls in general… I’ve already preordered Vanadis’ next eroge title ‘聖もんむすFestival!! ~お祭りだよ全員集合!~’, which comes out by the end of February. No doubtly a better money investment than this social card game for the psp.

  • Madoka Gets Academy Award:
    Edit: My bad, what I meant was the ending song.

  • Madoka Gets Academy Award:
    I, too, don’t hold much love for the anime in itself, yet the Opening blew me away. Almost as good as good as the one from Watashi ga Motenai no wa Dou Kangaete mo Omaera ga Warui!.


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