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Certainly, that chin is pointy enough to pierce through bones!

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  • Macross Delta Unveiled:
    How to make an interesting Macross sequel in three easy steps: 1st. Scrap the J-Pop utahime idols nonsense. 2nd. Replace them with actual bands with mixed genders. 3rd. Let the bands sing Heavy Metal, Hard Rock, or any other worthwhile non-Pop music genre. Fire Bomber!

  • Cross Ange Forceful Yuri Anime:
    New Akiko Shikata music?! Finally! I just can’t get enough of her complex composings. Other than this, well, at least this show has 25 or so episodes. There ought to happen something interesting. Probably…

  • Gaworare Moe Maid Bathing Anime:
    It’s a trap! And a cute one at that. :3

  • Date A Live II More Moe Than Ever:
    Needs more yandere action. And a nice boat.

  • “Strongly Sexual” Monpiece Cards Banned:
    Ah well, I’m not interested in social card games either way. But I can say that this decision of Idea Factory just strengthens my dislike of such games as a whole. As for monster girls in general… I’ve already preordered Vanadis’ next eroge title ‘聖もんむすFestival!! ~お祭りだよ全員集合!~’, which comes out by the end of February. No doubtly a better money investment than this social card game for the psp.


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