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Most anime movies have an excellent or decent animation, against a TV series it’s a bit unbalanced. Maybe a list of TV series and one of movies would be better?

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  • Atelier Ayesha “Cutest Atelier Ever”:
    I agree that they both have their charm; both styles have a very soft and nice style, they both work great with Atelier :)

  • Kiddy Event “Ruined by Creepy Lolicon Otaku”:
    Maybe the people buying several could have given them to the kids? At least the kids get a souvenir for free that way!

  • Perfect Length for Manga = “30 Volumes”:
    Hmmm that’s a bit too much for me. I think 20 and below is more than enough to tell a story, but then again there are some stories that can get away with more.

  • Hikikomori Stabs Brothers & Kills Self For Being Told “Work!”:
    How are you supposed to get experience for an internship? Isn’t an internship supposed to give you the experience you don’t have?? o.o?? This is messed up!

  • Bleach May End: “Final Chapter Starts”:
    I also liked it the best before the Soul Soc. Arc and dropped it during the Hueco Mundo Arc ^_^U and I’m talking about the manga, I found watching the anime pointless since it has fillers to top it off. I think Bleach is pretty good, it only needs a bit more editing because it’s unnecessarily stretched with too many fights, and some characters are only given “screen time” because of their popularity and coolness and not because of being vital to the story.


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