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“Ranking”. I don’t get it. If it’s a dating-sim, then what is the ranking for?

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    Let’s not get cheeky, since you seem to be well aware of my exaggeration–unless it went over your head, of course, then I can honestly say that you shouldn’t respond in the first place if you can’t catch the meaning of my words. Regardless, dumping a race-change feature into a MMO Anime is covering tracks, very obvious ones when taking into account both the tone transition and overall dip in target audience viewership: Very amateur, almost as if they aren’t making enough money clinging to the …

  • Sword Art Online 2 Massively Cute:
    That would imply cat-astrophic causality rates were she to go supernova. Are you willing to take responsibility?

  • Samurai Hormone Historically Hot:
    Sometimes I hate being picky with my Hentai. I can’t stand any gangbang (multiple guys), rape, BDSM, Blood/Gore, Tentacle, Scat etc. It either turns me off or I find it outright revolting. As such it severely limits my hentai choices. I’ll see some really great hentai with fantastic art and incredibly hot girls but 9 times out of 10 it will have one of those features that just turns me off :|

  • Sword Art Online 2 Massively Cute:
    Hack//, Log Horizon >>>>>>>>>> any useless season of SAO.

  • Samurai Hormone Historically Hot:
    Seeing this hentai…..sleeping at 2 minutes.


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