Ciel nosurge Unleashes Moe Power of PS Vita


Gust’s upcoming PS Vita moeblob-dating sim “Ciel nosurge” has been attracting a great deal of favourable attention online, and looks set to become the most hotly anticipated title on the Vita – at least amongst the creepy otaku demographic.


Ciel nosurge – Ushinawareta Hoshi-e Sasagu Uta (シェルノサージュ ~失われた星へ捧ぐ詩~ – “Ciel Nosurge – A Song Dedicated to a Lost Star”), is being developed by Gust (which was recently reduced to a fully-owned subsidiary of Koei) as their first entry onto the PSV.


The game reportedly revolves around fairy courting, possibly the only theme which can compete with the schoolgirl dating so common to the sub-genre. The setting is a standard science-fantasy setting, with a musically-themed magical system.

The busty animal-eared fairy main heroine (who, of course, suffers from amnesia and needs help finding something precious) revealed so far is Ion. Needless to say, she has already started to develop a following. She is accompanied by the obligatory harem of fairies, lest she not prove enough.


The actual game is said to incorporate “7-dimensional communication” as a major element, which appears to be a reference to heavy use of Love Plus-style virtual interaction features, coupled with Persona and Ar Tonelico style RPG-dating game features – although it appears to be closer to an adventure game or visual novel than an RPG with dating elements.

All this combined with the relatively high quality graphics of the Vita and the extremely high quality of Gust’s moeblobbery has served to rapidly drive anime otaku gamers into heights of excitement not seen since the advent of little Totori.


The game’s Japanese release is due on the 26th of April, 2012.

Whether and when the title will see the light of day in the barbarian lands is as yet undetermined – although with Gust’s other English-language Atelier releases having provided model localisations for some time, the chances of a happy ending seem reasonable.



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