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Me neither, the fake ones just look terrible. Plus, why go to such lengths? Besides, i have fangs, not out of alined canines, just oversized ones thanks to mother nature and i gotta tell you. They’re horrible, aside form being able to tear into something tough easier, there just a hassle. Why would anyone ‘pay for them.’ Hell, give me the money and i’ll give them mine. I hate these things.

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  • “Super-Cute” Fangs Spread to 3D:
    Wow, I just realized that Ahim from Gokaiger had a fang.

  • “Super-Cute” Fangs Spread to 3D:
    I don’t have any problem with crooked teeth, as long as they don’t look like the ones on Shonen Knive’s original bass player. (Shane Macgowan was something else entirely) Actually, bleached, perfectly straight teeth are fucking creepy and belong in the same category as ugly fake tits and fake tans. It’s amazing how many ways greedy assholes can find ways for people to feel ashamed about their natural appearance. It’s one thing to fix your teeth so you can chew properly, and another thing to do …

  • “Super-Cute” Fangs Spread to 3D:
    I think it’s kinda nice, but when there’re fangs on both sides .. Just one side looks a bit .. stupid?

  • “Super-Cute” Fangs Spread to 3D:
    They’re just making excuses so they can have fucked up teeth and say, “It’s beautiful…”

  • “Super-Cute” Fangs Spread to 3D:
    3D bitches getting desperate, huh.

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    You DO realize that D.Va is literally just a Korean girl…right? Like, there’s absolutely nothing out of the ordinary about her features as a human being. She doesn’t have super powers, she’s not half robot, she isn’t an alien. None of that. She’s just a Korean chick that pilots a mech and wears face paint, headphones, and a bodysuit. So, do you know what that means? That’s right, cosplays of her are going to be asian girls wearing face paint in either D.Va’s in-game outfit or something D.Va …

  • Top 20 Anime Songs with Female Vocals:
    [comment about why my favorite song isn’t on the list]

  • Nutaku x Kimochi: “We’ll Create A Platform For H!”:
    So there are SJW work in Nutaku, screaming “think of the children” in the company too? Fuck it. Why western countries so obsess with old female muscle face and hairy leg? Until they change to removed mosaics + maintain all characters and Japan voice, I’m not going in their ship.

  • You Belong to Me Takes Charge:
    Obviously the OP called the VN disgusting, not sexual acts in general. But good job at making an ass out of yourself by intentionally misinterpreting his comment.

  • You Belong to Me Takes Charge:
    Unfortunately, this is how babies are made. According to your logic are all disfuckingusting. You should play SystemShock.


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