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I don’t know, I don’t think it translates well into 3D.

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  • “Super-Cute” Fangs Spread to 3D:
    Wow, I just realized that Ahim from Gokaiger had a fang.

  • “Super-Cute” Fangs Spread to 3D:
    I don’t have any problem with crooked teeth, as long as they don’t look like the ones on Shonen Knive’s original bass player. (Shane Macgowan was something else entirely) Actually, bleached, perfectly straight teeth are fucking creepy and belong in the same category as ugly fake tits and fake tans. It’s amazing how many ways greedy assholes can find ways for people to feel ashamed about their natural appearance. It’s one thing to fix your teeth so you can chew properly, and another thing to do …

  • “Super-Cute” Fangs Spread to 3D:
    I think it’s kinda nice, but when there’re fangs on both sides .. Just one side looks a bit .. stupid?

  • “Super-Cute” Fangs Spread to 3D:
    They’re just making excuses so they can have fucked up teeth and say, “It’s beautiful…”

  • “Super-Cute” Fangs Spread to 3D:
    3D bitches getting desperate, huh.

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  • Valiant Saber Cosplay Absolutely Radiant:
    Too fat

  • Accel World VS Sword Art Online OP Levels Up Hype:
    I mean…it’s heavily implied that this is not the case by the author when it has been brought up. The fact that Kuroyukihime’s parents are shown/implied to not necessarily be good parents or have a good relationship would mean that Kirito/Asuna don’t get along and are shitty parents then, which the author doesn’t really want to imply would be the case. It also would make the crossover novel completely impossible considering ages etc.

  • Valiant Saber Cosplay Absolutely Radiant:
    Too many Dutch angle shots. Did the photographer contract polio at some point?

  • Chaos;Child “Might Have Potential”:
    Don’t fall for it! The first episode of Chaos;Head also seemed like it had the potential to get better. But it got worse, little by little, each episode. Not being immediately terrible is what makes Chaos;Head so bad, it tricks you into watching enough of it you think “might as well finish…”

  • Cute & Girly Kirari Moroboshi & Anzu Futaba Figures:
    Lmfao. When saw this the first thing on my mind was “Crocs?” then came to see if anyone else noticed and it’s the first comment (only atm).


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