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still a better love story than…

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  • Top 20 Anime Girls That Should Star:
    The only girl on this of top 10s that I see could have their own spinoff is probably Mami. They could explain what her life was before/after becoming a magical girl and the stuff she did prior to meeting and leading up to Madoka. Of course with these kind of anime, the general demographic is SOoOoOOOoo focus on “PLOT” amrite?

  • File Hosts Shut Down En Masse:
    hey guys, news flash! YOUR PRESIDENTS ARE YOUR CORPORATION HEADS! THEY OWN YOU AND YOUR WHOLE COUNTRY! president doesn’t mean $hit.

  • Cat Lovers Make Police Re-Arrest Serial Kitten Torturer:
    I see your posts are devoid of all logic as usual. so you’re saying you hate cats because you can’t drink booze with them? so you gather up all your friends from the animal kingdom to have a party but the cat is the designated driver and isn’t a natural drunk like you but you’re ripping him on that?

  • Cat Lovers Make Police Re-Arrest Serial Kitten Torturer:
    and no more pussy too as it seems.

  • Nikuman Slime Guro Abuse:
    I want to eat the metal ones. They give the most exp and gold!


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