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Well, if you speak english…you’re in their zone.

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  • File Hosts Shut Down En Masse:
    Disney doesn’t own the Happy Birthday song. Mildred J. Hill and Patty Smith hill from Kentucky do.

  • File Hosts Shut Down En Masse:
    And those internal emails were sent by the government informant…

  • File Hosts Shut Down En Masse:
    GUYS anonomanopheoehious will save us they just need to beg hard enough so that lifeless hackers hear theyre call

  • File Hosts Shut Down En Masse:
    The best way for Japanese studios to combat piracy is to increase the ease of legal distribution, both internationally and locally. Shonen Jump is ditching the monthly paperback format in the US and is starting up a weekly digital format. This is a step in the right direction.

  • File Hosts Shut Down En Masse:
    Private Sub NewWorldOrders1_Conspiracy () Dim Freemason As String Dim Obama As Puppet Do Invading other country Controlling world economics Spreading AIDS Controlling world population Crop Spray all over the world Controlling & Gathering information Invading Our Virtual World…… And much more coming… Loop Until AntichristArrive = True End Sub

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  • Masou Gakuen HxH BD Kunoichi Chaos:
    Despite being uncensored and showing nips in the broadcast, I just knew they were gonna clean up the obvious animation setbacks for the BD release. Mostly they fixed the nips, but one scene there looks like it was totally redone from scratch, nice! I really want to see that part again in its entirety again now.

  • Masou Gakuen HxH BD Kunoichi Chaos:
    This isn’t an actual “hentai”. 18+ made-for-adults anime are never broadcast on any tv channel, not even a premium satalite channel like ATX, which this was. This is as close as a show like this can get. I honestly never thought they could go as far as masturbation but this show has. Penetration would make this a hentai restricted to adults. Right now its ecchi. Look it as an M rated game compared to an AO. An anime like this can be marketed to and bought by teenagers, so it can have a larger …

  • Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 × Keijo:
    This one hasn’t been, and probably won’t be.

  • Top 20 Most Inspiring Anime Leaders:
    No Kamina? Bright at 20? Unbelievable…

  • Queen’s Blade Grimoire Unspeakably Moist:
    If any mom could override the Westermack effect, its her.


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