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“If you foreigners keep watching Japanese anime you’ll end up like us. Hollywood has no such powers.”

Well said XD

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  • UK: “Blame 2D for Japan’s Weak Men!”:
    if i not mistake, men running into 2D because sick of real women. let say simple things: 1st 2D women never complain, 3D women complain, even for cloth we are wearing. 2nd excessive product. well yes it expensive but what happen if you girl demand prada, LV, hermes? as i know modern women are smart. they knew they are pretty or charming. in my opinion “why should i date poor guys? not the rich guys?” state at much as the japanese women are fans of Premium fashion, if they don’t have one they on …

  • UK: “Blame 2D for Japan’s Weak Men!”:
    alien/horror BSM lover or snuff video or BB crazy fans or…

  • UK: “Blame 2D for Japan’s Weak Men!”:
    Blame feminists for the weak men nowadays.

  • UK: “Blame 2D for Japan’s Weak Men!”:
    You are retarded. Genetics don’t work that way and either way manly men could have already had children before going to war and- ah forget it. You’re retarded, nuff said.

  • UK: “Blame 2D for Japan’s Weak Men!”:
    I was referring to woman that lie about their age. She looks like 20? She said she was 18+? Well, she’s 16 years old. Go directly to Jail – do not pass Go, do not collect $200. Also, Take your pedo shit comments somewhere else.

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    the issue with 3dcg is that it does not blend in with anything else. it ALWAYS looks out of place and completely worse than the drawn stuff.

  • Frame Arms Girl “Removed Its CG OP”:
    This may be an unpopular opinion but I think 3D animated anime can actually look good, but it has to be consistent and the 3D models have to be high quality… at least as expressive as their 2D counterparts. The expressivity of the models was definitely an issue in the old OP from these screenshots and clips. The issue with most anime that includes 3DCG is that it’s only done for specific scenes, which is hella jarring for the viewer, and the models they use are pretty shitty. Like, if they …

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    Truck kun: i kill her….that ruined the manga, i left her alive…that ruined the anime… what peoplee wantttt!!!!!

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    why sancom choice the worts mmds….

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    ..Well, she IS a Dragon impersonating a human, so… maybe that’s it! Yeah, I’ll just keep telling myself that. ( I lie awake in bed….all night…..sleepless.(+_+)


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