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meh i dont think so, like someone said in the comments here, they like his old stuff better and i agree.

his old work is more like the 90′s artstyle, which i personally think is the best style. but now his art has changed to more clean simplistic lines – like more current animes today.

in my eyes at least its way different but i like to draw anime for fun, so im more sensitive to it, so yeah…

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  • Nisekoi Gets Mahou Shoujo Spin-Off Manga:
    If it’s a proper mahou shojo title, then cheers. If it’s just a low quality gag manga spin-off to mooch off the popularity of the main series, then meh.

  • Amagi Brilliant Park Dangerously Comical:
    Only by mastering these 4 elements can the avatar save the world.

  • Pandra: Shinkyoku no Grimoire Excessively Ero:
    Do you support your ero-anime with your money? Maybe you do but I’d go on a limb here and say the majority of SanCom readers dont. Because if all you do is torrent them then stop complaining about subpar products, double check your sense of entitlement, shut up, and keep on enjoying what you can get. Either that or start supporting the content creators and then demand better quality, of course.

  • Pandra: Shinkyoku no Grimoire Excessively Ero:
    I wonder how many of you actually pay for your hentai content. Because, you know, you can’t demand better quality of a product if all you do is steal it and never support the industry so it can get better and deliver more quality.

  • Amagi Brilliant Park Dangerously Comical:
    Muse is so damn sexy


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