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My god… when you’ll evolve…?

You’re the birthplace of Chikan, Bukkake, Fantasy-rape and other abso-fucking-lutely pervert sex genres but you still have fear of your kids seeing a thing that half your population already have in between their legs…?

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  • Police Hunt Man for Calling Schoolgirl “Cute”:
    I’m so glad to live in Spain then. But make no mistake. Here we talk our little girls to not talk to strangers, but that ‘report-everything’ culture could get out of control pretty quickly as well. In short: nobody is guilty until the contrary is proven. Have you forgotten that basic law principle Japan…? :-/

  • Bloody Katana Standoff as Man Chains Slave Girl in Box:
    Am I the only one feeling bad for that poor girl? Wait… don’t respond. I already know the answer… :-P

  • Sexy Cosplay Highlights of C81:
    Why only one of those guys in the background is smiling… is something that totally beats me. I KNOW I’d smile at those HOT girls like an idiot. What’s wrong with those people?? xD

  • Teacher Rapes 12: “He Raped One The Day Before His Wedding”:
    Stupid trolls or criminal wannabes everywhere I can see… either way: grow up. You guys commenting while fapping would fare better keeping your fantasies to yourselves, because you really suck exalting the crimes of that bastard. I hope he gets an ugly boyfriend in jail…

  • “I Took Some Pics of My Big Sister as She Slept…”:
    In my own experience with my GF, removing panties is 99.99% impossible without her waking up. And I assure you: she’s a DEEP sleeper. xD That post is almost sure to be fake. That’s his GF for sure.


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