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All have at least one good and one bad ending.

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  • Katawa Shoujo Finally Released:
    I think I went to school with Lily. Also, great game, terrible title.

  • Katawa Shoujo Finally Released:
    OMG ITS RELEASED THANK YOU SAN COM Was actually waiting for this lol

  • Katawa Shoujo Finally Released:
    Not a fetish but she looks so adoreable…!

  • Katawa Shoujo Finally Released:
    Yay I got Hanako FTW

  • Katawa Shoujo Finally Released:
    The irony of me playing this is that I actually have Arrhythmia. But because my heart’s stronger than most people’s I can still do things that get my adrenaline going. But I have to avoid energy drinks, and prolonged stress (like running for too long). I actually did that once, I ended up having to lay on the ground for half an hour to get my heart to slow down even a little. My chest feels heavy most of the time. I black out when I stand up too fast. I have trouble losing weight but I’m not in …

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  • Comiket 92 Cosplay Sheer Gold:
    Name of pic 18. 47, 56?

  • Moromanko Sensei Parody Onahole “Y*mada E*f!”:
    I envy u >:(

  • Top 20 Super Nintendo RPGs:
    Just because FF 6 wasn’t remastered and remade several hundred times, doesn’t mean it’s overrated. We all know why people buy DQ, if there’s anything fandoms produce out of that, it’s porn. Japanese folks are just thirsty AF

  • China “Forces Prisoners to Farm Gold”:
    You clearly haven’t played an MMO before. These things are cancerous. They break game economies, make it difficult for entry and fuck the active playerbase that’s playing fairly. I prefer games that has no trading. Less reason for these fucks to be around but then people will still complain for the lack of it. Firefall didn’t had trading once, the game functioned properly but fuck did that game went downhill.

  • Nier: Automata’s Success “Saved Platinum Games”:
    I would like to think that those people who ign’d their way in Nier:A’s first ending as excess fat. Best 60$ spent now that western publishers are pushing for lootboxes… A great game for an end of an era.


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