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Who of our kin shall be the one to step forward and drive off this dreadful plague known as Ishihara? At ease men, one shall rise as our liberator. Freeing us of our shackles, ending this perpetual cycle of suffering, banishing the agitation of this senile tyrant and claiming the glory as our savior. I ask of thee to step forth and reveal thy name.

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  • Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax Ignition PV Immensely Hot:
    Couldn’t they just add the 3 new characters with a patch? It seems like a lot of money just to play the same game. All the backgrounds are the same, the sprites aren’t enhanced, and all I can hope is that Ignition softens up Kirito who is OPed like crazy.

  • Feminists Deny Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 Western Release:
    And that’s the whole problem with denying DOAX 3 a release. Men are allowed to be topless and women are fined for indecency if they go topless is reasonable. Then turning around and using this argument to say “DOAX 3 should not be released because they’re in skimpy outfits and showing off their bodies” boils down to “they’re too pretty! They’re just fetish material for ronery gamers! BURN IT!” Sex-positive feminism is where it’s at, but it’d be easier if those people were just woman enough to …

  • Shomin Sample Gets Romantic:
    Oh right, there was that plot point… I wonder if it will actually affect anything because so far it has just seemed like a needless repetitive comedy routine.

  • Shomin Sample Gets Romantic:
    Most likely saved for the possible second season. But I guess the BD sales will decide that…

  • Shomin Sample Gets Romantic:
    Doubtful, not much vision impairing steam or lights. Pretty sure they’ll improve the animation a bit and make the underwear and other crotch scenes a little more detailed but I doubt there will be nipples…


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