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“It’s just a cosplay party now.”

True Story………..

Ero manga and all “ero” content will fall to, so, better to go back to good stories in the 90′s instead of gratious and nonsense naked girls fucking every fucking guy.

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  • Sailor Moon Crystal Magical Nostalgia Anime:
    Every people here just complains and complains, les make a solution, why dont you clean up the 90′s anime and make your own Sailor Moon KAI version so everyone can be Happy in this pretty fucking world.

  • Sailor Moon Crystal Quite Bedazzling:
    What a hylarious bunch of haters we have here, is not a surprise to see negative post here where the people is just dazzled by loli stuf and echii madness, and a pair of boobs. I’m a fan of the 90′s version, and guess what……this is by far better, and if this version goes more in the line of the manga, it means no filler episodes, and a way better plot, for example the first episode of 90′s version, usagi and mamoru seems to know each other from a long time, this version corrected this flaw, …

  • Justin Bieber at Yasukuni: “It Just Looked Pretty, Honest!”:
    Let me just try to understand this, is Yasukuni Shrine a criminal facilitty, or being build by war criminals?, then why the fucking hell that shrine still exist in the first place…………..FUCK LOGIC!

  • Top 10 Manga You Want Your Kids Reading: “One Piece”:
    This makes me remember the case of berserk manga, for some reason.

  • Top 10 Manga You Want Your Kids Reading: “One Piece”:
    You se, there is absolutelly no fanservice anime here………….that is really awesome. (at least no 100% fanservice shit anime, that is for sure)


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