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Exactly. 20,000-30,000 out of 500,000-560,000 is like a fluctuation of around 5-10%. I would be more alarmed if the fall in attendance is over 50,000, so all this hysterical doom mongering is a bit OTT if you ask me.

I went yesterday on the 3rd day and the place looked rather packed to me. Though I did noticed there weren’t that many Caucasian visitors around this time around, so the high yen excuse might actually have some weight. And you’d be surprised by the amount of doom mongering in foreign media reports about how Japan is becoming inhabitable after the 3-11 quake and nuke incident. While it may not stop the very devoted “gaijin ota” from coming , it might just be enough to deter the more gullible and less informed ones.

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  • Hanayamata Total Type B Mayhem:
    WTF? Why did you get downvoted just for expressing an interest in yosakoi? Here, have an upvote.

  • DMM Unveils Oshiro Collection:
    Get your facts right. Ass is oshiRI お尻(おしり), not oshiRO お城(おしろ).

  • Imouto Okashii Extra Incestuous:
    Inside this episode was a scene (around ~6:20) that cheekily took the piss at the show’s being demanded by censors to move its evening TV timeslot to a later post-midnight timeslot due to its “unique” content. It’s included in the dialogue of the cinema movie the characters were watching: Man: No matter how pissed the BPO (Japan’s censor watchdog) is, I still want to embrace you. Even if it takes place after midnight, nothing can stop our love being eternal. LOL (Yeah, I just watched the raw)

  • No Game No Life BD Extra Scandalous:
    I lost it at the Rurouni Kenshin reference. XD

  • Top 10 Ideal Anime Imouto:
    Much as I love Ayase, strictly speaking, she shouldn’t really be included in the list as she isn’t a real imouto character i.e. related to protagonist in same family (blood-related is optional). If the criteria is more loosely defined as “Which character, regardless of whether she’s the protagonist’s imouto, would you like?” then I find it strange that Kuroneko, easily rivalling Ayase for top 3 OreImo girls, is not included.


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