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oh, a no ero cosplayers? i knew it! i knew those beautiful girls from previous years had to be undercover whores. it’s sad but true. normal cosplayers are 89% ugly.
i rember almost getting killed for saying that in a 2009 SDCC, but it’s the truth if you are ugly please stay away from Pincess Leia Bikini as well as from any Sailor Moon outfit!

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  • Kenzen Robo Sex-Charged Mecha Anime:
    I loved the characters, and specially the OP theme, but it will need to get really good to keep me watching the whole season. which translates into buying merchandise later on.

  • Buxom Sonico Beach Queen Figure:
    I agree they have quality, but the price is excesive, specially if you have to consider the extra from the shipping costs, and such a expensive item is not for the cheapest shipping method.

  • Buxom Sonico Beach Queen Figure:
    $85 dlls! man it’s expensive for such a small figure, i thought these figures were larger, but they are rather small, and $85 can get me great figures on a larger scale, more worthy of the price.

  • Soul Eater Not! “Soul Eater K-ON!-ified”:
    was Soul Eater making no money, thus the editor suggested this to make money out of it?

  • Kenzen Robo Sex-Charged Mecha Anime:
    i will go for absurd anime any day of the week, over macho in skin tight with a cape. or any absurd non anime animation that has no true meaning or any ecchi to make it at least worth watching.


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