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oh, a no ero cosplayers? i knew it! i knew those beautiful girls from previous years had to be undercover whores. it’s sad but true. normal cosplayers are 89% ugly.
i rember almost getting killed for saying that in a 2009 SDCC, but it’s the truth if you are ugly please stay away from Pincess Leia Bikini as well as from any Sailor Moon outfit!

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  • “Motto Onsen ni Ikou” Completely Drenched:
    I saw quite a few AV films this year that took place in onsen locations. after those one doesn’t feel like entering the waters, unless you are into bukkakke!

  • Top 30 Anime That Got You Into Anime:
    Where is Urotsukidoji?

  • Sailor Moon Tribute Video Unique Indeed:
    rather awful, it’s sad that the ones with a nice style can’t really animate, and the ones who can animate have some awful drawings, and well most are bad in both ends. Also it annoyed me all those fat versions, what is up with that? if the whole thing was done that way, it would be a parody, I guess, but not being that what was the purpose of that?

  • Suave Sinon Figure:
    Reminds me of that girl in Bakuretsu Tenshi, they share the same taste in clothes.

  • Sexy & Sweet Honey Figure:
    Uff, my wallet faces no treat. a pity since I like the character, but the figure makes compels me to say: -no thanks.


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