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Not anymore :P Stuff gets boring. But that is a good looking rack :)

And woah, imagine if that liquid on her boobs was her own saliva…

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  • Goddess of 2ch: “F”:
    shit…i like it

  • Goddess of 2ch: “F”:
    That sure is a complicated way of saying “I was drawing boobies”

  • Goddess of 2ch: “F”:
    I’ve seen enough of this one, now I’m interested in a completely different part of her body …

  • Goddess of 2ch: “F”:
    Yet another “I’m an ___ cup, worship me” gallery. Is it just me, or have the goddesses lost their creativity lately? Where have all the “Behold my moe desk corner onanism session” girls gone?

  • Goddess of 2ch: “F”:
    And all that measurement stuff doesn’t much matter unless your having a bra custom tailored or just happen to fit the pre-described sizes. I regret having asked an ex about intracacies of cup sizes. It seemed like such an innocent question until I got a reaction way beyond the general info I was looking for (a reference for a 3D mesh transform to do adjustable boob sizes).

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