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I preferred Squall to Cloud. Cloud was a brain-damaged emo kid. Squall was depressing, but he could do his damn job without falling to pieces.

Also Squall’s power was the product of real training, as opposed to Cloud who sucked as a soldier.

Zidane was a strong fighter because he had to fight to survive and be an air pirate his whole life, Tidus was a pro-athlete, Squall and Lightning were well-trained soldiers, and Cloud gets thrown into a tank and gains super powers. Good job Square.

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  • Top 20 Tear-Jerker Games:
    Aerith’s death was more of a shocker than a tearjearker. MGS3 left me bummed for days.

  • Top 20 Tear-Jerker Games:
    “Hey you, Pikachu” made my eyes water at the end.

  • Top 20 Tear-Jerker Games:
    The Japanese have strange meanings to the word “game”. Anyways, FFIX wasn’t sad at all until the very end, and that was only brief. I sobbed like a 2 year old girl who just spilled her only glass of milk when I played that game. Maybe it was just because I loved Rinoa so much.

  • Top 20 Tear-Jerker Games:
    Jap games! Jap games everywhere!

  • Top 20 Tear-Jerker Games:
    No Valkyrie Profile? Looks like Japanese gamers never played it. I’m surprised by the fact that they fully focus on mainstream games as well.

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