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The industry is simply milking money from this kind of stuff.

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  • Queen’s Blade 3rd Season Dated:
    This is DELICIOUS!

  • Queen’s Blade 3rd Season Dated:
    For Yuri Oppai Seikon was better. QB has very little actual yuri and the boobs are too rigid for my taste. So don’t get your hopes high.

  • Queen’s Blade 3rd Season Dated:
    I for one am glad they’re making another sequel to this, assuming it’s profitable and allows all parties involved to keep making other anime. First season was okay, but the second season really showed that Queen’s Blade has a heart behind all those massive chests. It’s a better business strategy than making risky, artsy, incomprehensible LOLGrimDarkSRSDeep anime in a vain attempt to appeal to a niche audience of unpleaseable Type A fans — sites like ColonyDrop and ANN like to think they’re in …

  • Queen’s Blade 3rd Season Dated:
    Bebop and Champloo had pretty conclusive endings that could’ve easily been cheapened by sequels. Though I guess they could do 13 episodes of “this also happened during their wanderings” side stories. And according to Claymore manga fans, the anime went off the rails so badly at the end that it can’t be reconciled with the manga to make more of it. Idk about Ghost in the Shell, but come on, it already had 52 TV episodes, 2 movies, and several OVAs.

  • Queen’s Blade 3rd Season Dated:
    That was one major complaint I had with the 2nd season… they pretty much completely forgot about or ignored the Swamp Witch, and turned her minions into mostly-sympathetic semi-allies of the main characters. Which wasn’t all bad — the scenes with Airi and Owen were some of the best in the show.

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  • Goddess of Twitter: “As Pink As The Sakura!”:
    Sexual selection in action

  • Kantai Collection Raging Battle Climax:
    People like you are the reason we have so much crap anime like this with “quality” animation. Raise your standards people.

  • Kantai Collection Raging Battle Climax:
    so the thing that was predicted after ep 3 wherein kisaragi got resurrected as an abyssal was true? ok didnt expect it to be right

  • Lovely x Cation Succulent Schoolgirl Ero-Anime:
    While the vast majority of your everyday regular ladies will be very offended by Sankaku’s main page from the get go, there are ladies who are much less offended. Personally know a few online anime/manga lady-friends who bought up this site wondering if personally know. (And they are “cis” ladies, by the way they conduct/carry themselves and by the titles they prefer; also so what if they are traps, know one or three fans who pulled it off attractively, and they are just as cool as anything …

  • Devilishly Flat Tibalta Figure:
    Let me be your slave, mistress!!


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