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Remakes of FFVI and FFVII, if done right, would indeed be awesome. But do you remember when Square made a sequel to FFVII? Dirge of Cerebus, or “Please no more of this”.

The guys running SquareEnix have no idea why games like Chrono Trigger, FF Tactics , FF VI, and FF VII were excellent games that people still love today. It’s better if they leave the good ones alone.

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    I was a little let down myself. I’d love to unwrap her.

  • Miku Triumphs on Letterman:
    It’s still exposure. Take your victories when you can get them. Maybe Letterman didn’t “get” it, but he was polite enough not to talk over the performance and have her perform a song on his show. Think about this: Miku appeared on network tv and performed a full song. People will look up what this ‘vocal loid’ thing is and slowly become fans.

  • Miku Triumphs on Letterman:
    But they won’t the subtitles because they can’t read. Reading subtitles is a skill that mundanes don’t have.

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    There are plenty of people who don’t/won’t watch anything made before (Current Year) – 6.

  • Sailor Moon Crystal Heats Up:
    The original manga went at a much faster pace than the anime. To be fair, in some ways that was good, in other ways it was bad. Less time spent getting to big events but less time spent getting to experience the world and growing to care about the characters in it. I prefer the slower paced original anime (and I also prefer the character design from it).


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