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Remakes of FFVI and FFVII, if done right, would indeed be awesome. But do you remember when Square made a sequel to FFVII? Dirge of Cerebus, or “Please no more of this”.

The guys running SquareEnix have no idea why games like Chrono Trigger, FF Tactics , FF VI, and FF VII were excellent games that people still love today. It’s better if they leave the good ones alone.

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  • Resident Evil 2 Remake Officially Announced:
    Their last attempts to change up the series reduced it to a bunch of action-ey shooters. Fans want a return to the old form. I hope they can do a HD remaster of RE3. Nemesis was terrifying.

  • Charlotte Serenely Soporific:
    The art looks nice but most Key shows introduce a lot of likeable characters in an interesting setting and then dump bad times on them. At some point I have to stop trying to kick the football Lucy Van Pelt’s going to yank away.

  • Final Fantasy VII Remake Officially Confirmed:
    SMC is horrible though, and a stain on a classic tv series.

  • Final Fantasy VII Remake Officially Confirmed:
    There are some real babes in FFVII. Check out the doujins for it. Tifa, Yuffie, and Aerith are all quite bangable. While the girls might like Cloud or Sephiroth, there’s plenty of eyecandy for guys too.

  • Final Fantasy VII Remake Officially Confirmed:
    Yes, and it was pretty intense back then compared to how people are mellow about the entire thing now. The 1990s were Sega vs Nintendo. NEC’s TurboGrafx/PC Engine didn’t get much attention in America. Later on Sony entered the scene with the Playstation.


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