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somebody wrote all over the decorations outside a game company again…

vandalism. hacking still, but it’s just vandalism. wah. not like the Sony or Valve attacks.

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  • Honda Delivers One Off Biker Moe Anime:
    i rarely get to see any new anime but i feel like everything today is Moe? boobs? sexy skin tight leather? sexy motorcycles? SEXY Honda scooters? um… not really Moe? see Honda scooters i have fallen off a CBR and it was still one of the sexiest experiences of my life. hope someone can make a Five Best Motorcycle-centric Anime list soon?

  • Final Fantasy XIII-2 “Now Too Non-Linear”:
    maybe i’m confused? or is it them? the shape of the map doesn’t make it linear or non-linear. linear is going from one map to the next, always forced forward on the same plot. non-linear would be jumping around to do things in any order you like, ideally with your choices affecting the gameplay and even the ending. Super Mario Brothers was linear. Mega Man was non-linear. Super Mario Land had linear maps, but the world map had choices that made it non-linear. Final Fantasy 1 was frankly, pretty …

  • Sony Hacks Keep Coming:
    but what’s the cable for? i thought the PS3 Move was wireless. ;)

  • Steam Hacked: “They May Have Gotten Your Credit Cards”:
    i’m waiting for the headline “Facebook hacked: All stolen information was already available via Facebook.” or “Google and Apple hacked: Identity and location of every female user sold to international kidnapping ring.”

  • Top 10 Christmas Presents Japanese Women Want:
    how can shoes not be a seperate item from apparel? i always ask for new shoes.


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