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I used to ride an ordinary train, until I came upon this miku train.

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  • Re:Zero “When Will It End!?”:
    Yeah thats the thing Subaru is both dumb and a coward. Just last arc he accepted that he could use his ability to force changes in the timeline and now he is broken? Unless there is some sort of death penalty rhat drains his sanity you would expect him to not care at this point. Ah someone died again lets reset I guess. Also after 5 people disappear and are forgotten he seriously can’t figure it out? I feel the show would have benefited more from at least a bit more intelligent character.

  • Akarin’s Birthday Somehow Remembered:

  • Loli Makeup Even Scarier Than The Regular Stuff:
    by the time she’s 25, her skin will be so disgusting she’ll have no choice but to keep doing make up

  • Re:Zero “When Will It End!?”:
    The author wants to beat Akame ga kill, it will be as fun as Hell Subaru finish dead or totally insane .. :( Best will leave for next season … The anime should come with the tag: Anime recommended to extreme masochistic..

  • Re:Zero “When Will It End!?”:
    Actually next episode will be the turnaround point, where he finally grows from being useless and pathetic into not so useless and just as pathetic.


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