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You arent supposed to see Vaan as a main character. He’s just a bystander, the eyes in which you view the whole story.
And I like that. Because you are just a kid, knowing nothing about the outside world, still full of dreams. It makes that wonder of discovery feel much better.

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  • Final Fantasy XIII-2 “Now Too Non-Linear”:
    People complain that it is too big of a map now but in all reality it’s not. These maps are usually the FULL dungeon for that specific area which means that it isn’t all that huge. Plus, I have played the demo for the third map and as large as that may seem, when i went through the full dungeon map i realized thayt every part of the map was enjoyable. There were optional areas to do missions so the map wasn’t just larger for no reason. so those who dislike the new maps should stop whining. They …

  • Final Fantasy XIII-2 “Now Too Non-Linear”:
    You are one sad weaboo are you not? Saying that everyone is mindless and not looking at himself in the mirror for once. Hell with all the bugs and all of its fault, Skyrim still soars so high above the pc/console rpg market. The fact that one day, a Japanese modder can put Lightning/Miku/Guts in the province of Skyrim and reskin dragons to bahamuts shows the dedication of western/eastern fans on a game that most blind weaboo consider as “soulless(lol)”. And oh, after a year of patching it will …

  • Final Fantasy XIII-2 “Now Too Non-Linear”:
    skyrim > persona/smt > Chrono trigger > all Baldurs gate > FF7/8 > Dragon age:Origins > Temple of Elemental Evil > FFXII > Neverwinter nights(lol opinion) > everything else. Need to play darksouls and that other dark thing to see if I can add another to my lust.

  • Final Fantasy XIII-2 “Now Too Non-Linear”:
    Lol they arent imitating western RPG’s. What made you think that? Final Fantasy had always had these types of dungeons. This is a proper Final Fantasy map.

  • Final Fantasy XIII-2 “Now Too Non-Linear”:
    Its nothing like Skyrim, Lol. Its a proper dungeon, loads of different branches leading to different things.

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    Sexual selection in action

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    People like you are the reason we have so much crap anime like this with “quality” animation. Raise your standards people.

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    so the thing that was predicted after ep 3 wherein kisaragi got resurrected as an abyssal was true? ok didnt expect it to be right

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    While the vast majority of your everyday regular ladies will be very offended by Sankaku’s main page from the get go, there are ladies who are much less offended. Personally know a few online anime/manga lady-friends who bought up this site wondering if personally know. (And they are “cis” ladies, by the way they conduct/carry themselves and by the titles they prefer; also so what if they are traps, know one or three fans who pulled it off attractively, and they are just as cool as anything …

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    Let me be your slave, mistress!!


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