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It sounds like you took the easy way out instead of trying for speed kills to get five stars every battle. The combat system in FFXIII can be very boring or very fast paced depending on how challenging you wanted to make the fights, especially some boss battles.

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  • Final Fantasy XIII-2 “Now Too Non-Linear”:
    People complain that it is too big of a map now but in all reality it’s not. These maps are usually the FULL dungeon for that specific area which means that it isn’t all that huge. Plus, I have played the demo for the third map and as large as that may seem, when i went through the full dungeon map i realized thayt every part of the map was enjoyable. There were optional areas to do missions so the map wasn’t just larger for no reason. so those who dislike the new maps should stop whining. They …

  • Final Fantasy XIII-2 “Now Too Non-Linear”:
    You are one sad weaboo are you not? Saying that everyone is mindless and not looking at himself in the mirror for once. Hell with all the bugs and all of its fault, Skyrim still soars so high above the pc/console rpg market. The fact that one day, a Japanese modder can put Lightning/Miku/Guts in the province of Skyrim and reskin dragons to bahamuts shows the dedication of western/eastern fans on a game that most blind weaboo consider as “soulless(lol)”. And oh, after a year of patching it will …

  • Final Fantasy XIII-2 “Now Too Non-Linear”:
    skyrim > persona/smt > Chrono trigger > all Baldurs gate > FF7/8 > Dragon age:Origins > Temple of Elemental Evil > FFXII > Neverwinter nights(lol opinion) > everything else. Need to play darksouls and that other dark thing to see if I can add another to my lust.

  • Final Fantasy XIII-2 “Now Too Non-Linear”:
    Lol they arent imitating western RPG’s. What made you think that? Final Fantasy had always had these types of dungeons. This is a proper Final Fantasy map.

  • Final Fantasy XIII-2 “Now Too Non-Linear”:
    Its nothing like Skyrim, Lol. Its a proper dungeon, loads of different branches leading to different things.

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    lol holy

  • Highschool DxD Born English Dub Unveiled:
    Wow that music track was garbage.

  • Highschool DxD Born English Dub Unveiled:
    The west doesn’t need any dubs. If they’re not willing to watch the thing as it was originally conceived, then they shouldn’t watch it at all.

  • Mahou Shoujo? Naria Girls “Animated in Real-Time!”:
    My immediate reaction was that this must be the work of the director of Tesagurebu, and indeed it is, as no one else would ever do this type of craziness. Ishidate Koutarou specializes in live performances by voice actors which are then given an anime-shaded 3D animation, to various degrees of success.

  • Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization A Real Grind:
    graphics are expensive. the reason japanese games look like shit is because they devs dont see beyond their home market and their home market is too small to support modern standards. games like final fantasy can afford to push boundries because they are a global minded product and is intended for worldwide consumption. sword art online on the otherhand doesnt interest anyone outside of japan besides a specific set of anime fans.


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