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“…you can’t populate the world by incest…”

I feel the need to defend the bible and further confuse people:

The bible never claimed Adam and Eve were the only people on the planet. In fact, when Cain (the older son) is exiled for killing his brother Abel (the younger son, and the only other child mentioned at this point) he goes to the land of Nod, and there he finds a WIFE who bears him a son, named Enoch.

Obviously, there is a lot of discussion about the land of Nod, as it confuses the whole “Adam and Eve are the only people on the planet” idea that was going on before Nod is mentioned. Maybe Adam and Eve had already had *tons* of kids. Maybe God decided to make more people for genetic diversity. Maybe people evolved from apes and God “breathed the breath of life into” two of these newly evolved humans, giving them a spirit, or something else, but these “breathed into” humans can breed with the normal sort, so that’s what Cain did. I’ve heard a a discussion on this, and those are some of the arguments I remember.

And obviously, you have the “it’s just a story” argument as well.
(However, anon 00:57 -“The Bible isn’t meant to be read literally, yet all people do so as it is. That’s unwise.” Have you actually read the bible at all?? I’ll agree that this can be said for the creation story in Genesis, but after that, the old testament is mostly a historical record of the Jews. The New Testament is essentially a collection of letters written by 1st century christian leaders to encourage specific churches with their specific needs. Yes, Revelation probably isn’t meant to be interpreted literally, but iirc, the intended readers then would have know that, as it was written in a style they would recognize, and know how to interpret it.)

for those who care:
Genesis 4:16-17

For what it’s worth, I’m of the opinion that it really doesn’t matter what happened or how it happened, but God did it. For the rest, I’ll be sure to ask God the next time I see him.

Finally, please don’t think I’m trying to be preachy… I just felt the need to clear up some things when it seems like both sides are just making stuff up…

Now, stop bringing up the bible when you have no idea what you are talking about! I don’t come to this site looking to discuss this kind of stuff.

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